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Spectra Page Builder Review

I’ve been using the Spectra page builder on a couple of my sites for a while now. Here’s what I really like about also what’s not so good.

By: Alex Cooper



Spectra is a really cool page builder for WordPress.

The free version offers lots of features that make WordPress so much better, including extra blocks, templates and a popup builder.

The pro version adds extra functionality for the popup builder, more blocks, a loop builder, and dynamic content support.

Spectra Review Overview

Spectra Square Big
  • It doesn’t slow your site down
  • Loads of amazing templates
  • Really cool extra blocks
  • Popup Builder
  • Includes Forms
  • Uses the block editor which can be confusing
  • Quite a steep learning curve

What I like 👍

✅ It’s fast

I’ve criticized page builders in the past because they can have a negative effect on the performance of a website.

However, this isn’t the case with Spectra. After installation, the effect on performance is minimal.

Spectra Pagespeed

If you use it with something like Airlift, you can still get green scores on Google Pagespeed without a problem.

✅ Loads of cool templates

To help you create great looking pages and posts quickly and easily Spectra is loaded with templates.

Spectra Templates

You’ll find templates for sections as well as complete pages.

They’ve all been professionally designed, which makes working with Spectra a dream. You can create eye-catching layouts in minutes.

✅ Extra blocks (lots of them!)

One of the best things that happens when you install Spectra is that you get lots of extra blocks you can use when crafting your content (don’t worry, you can turn off the ones you don’t need).

Extra Blocks

Having extra blocks gives you far more flexibility when you’re publishing posts and pages.

Some of my favorites are:

  • FAQs
  • Star Ratings
  • Post Carousels
  • Containers with Flex
  • Forms
  • Call to actions

The extra blocks are a good enough reason alone to install Spectra.

✅ Popup Builder

A popup can be a good way to increase the conversion rate on your website.

Lovely Popup

Maybe you need to guide people to a certain product or encourage them to join your email list.

Spectra has a popup builder built-in so you can easily create one using the block editor.

No need for extra plugins.

You can find out more by watching my recent video where I created a really good-looking one (even if I do say so myself. 😊)

✅ Forms

Every website needs forms, right?

Spectra includes a form block so you can easily add simple forms.

Spectra Form

It’s not for complex uses, for sure; for that, go for something like WPForms or Gravity, but it’s perfect for a basic contact form or similar.

What I don’t like 👎

Spectra’s not perfect. Here’s a couple of things I spotted that could be a problem

❌ It uses the block editor

This might not be a bad thing if you’ve got experience with creating sites with the WordPress block editor.

But for newcomers and those not familiar with WordPress it might be a problem.

Other page builders like Elementor and Divi are far more graphical and user-friendly with their interface.

❌ A learning curve

There is a bit of a learning curve with Spectra.

Especially when using things like the container block and the popup builder.

It’s not too much of a problem as more and more tutorials are being published on YouTube and other places all the time.

With a bit of playing around and a few videos you’ll be creating some wonderful things with Spectra.

Do you like Spectra? Let me know ⬇️

Have you used Spectra? Maybe you prefer another page builder?

Let me know in the comments! I read all the comments I get.

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