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The vibe from Affiliate Gathering 2024

I just got back from Affiliate Gathering. While I was there I grabbed as many people as I could to find out what’s really working now and the future of affiliate.

By: Alex Cooper



I had a great time at Affiliate Gathering this year.

If you’ve not been and you run an online business, you really need to attend the next one. You won’t regret it.

Book a ticket now while the early bird discount is available.

At the event, I tried to grab as many people as possible and extract some priceless wisdom from them.

You’ll find it all in the video above, but of you prefer to read, here’s the distilled version…

Golden Nuggets from Affiliate Gathering 2024

  • YouTube is the next big parasite
  • Post videos, send some engagement and they will rank
  • Get ranked on both YouTube and Google
SEO Jesus Wide
  • Get to events. Build a network. Ask questions
  • Get feedback on everything you’re doing and improve
  • Diversify
Jared Bauman Wide
  • Get other traffic sources: Use paid ads, Reddit and YouTube
  • E-Commerce is working well
  • Don’t boast about your sites on YouTube
Craig Campbell Wide
  • Sell physical products through your websites
  • Build email lists
  • Use funnels to maximize revenue from your lists
Jason Mills Wide
  • Treat YouTube like a business – Have a plan!
  • Build a monetization strategy
  • YouTube is not as volatile when it comes to algo updates.
Ben Arthur Wide 1
  • Build a brand through authority and expertise
  • Keep building links
  • Links are still one of the most important reputation signals
Chris Panteli Wide
  • Think as a CEO not as an SEO
  • How can you make money as a business, not just a website
  • Google is discouraging people at the moment = Opportunity!
Mads Singers Wide
  • Old sites have been hit but a fresh new site is doing well
  • Facebook traffic can encourage Google to take notices
  • Real content is way more enjoyable
Arielle Wide

Make sure you follow all of the above for more valuable tips and ideas.

I’m sure we can all find success in 2024.

It’s just going to require a different approach.

I hope to see you at Affiliate Gathering 2025!

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