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Guest Appearances

Podcasts, Events and Videos that i’ve been a guest on.

Affiliate Gathering

me speaking

Affiliate Gathering is an annual event that’s held in York. It’s organized by Carl Broadbent and features speakers, workshops and networking for people in affiliate marketing and online business.

I spoke at the 2022 event and the 2024 event.

Find out more about Affiliate Gathering.

Doug Cunnington

Doug Cunnington WP Eagle

Doug Cunnington is a YouTuber and podcaster who creates content about earning a living online. He’s invited me to chat with him on his podcast a number of times.

Explore Doug Cunningtons YouTube Channel

MoneyLab Live


MoneyLab live was a podcast and YouTube show hosted by Matt Giovanisci. It was all about making money online, SEO and websites.

Check out the Money Lab Live YouTube Channel

Andy Woolley

andy wooley WP Eagle

Andy Wooley produces podcasts and videos covering essential skills such as Digital Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Personal and Professional Development, Social Media Engagement, Project Management, Content Marketing and more.

Check out Andy Wooley on YouTube

One Hour Professor

Ron and WP Eagle

Ron’s (The Prof!) number one goal is to assist individuals in generating passive income through online businesses and entrepreneurship. He refrains from indulging in hype and does not make promises of overnight success.

Prof. Ron is also deeply enthusiastic about personal finance and the pursuit of increased income, and he provides coverage on those subjects as well.

Check out the Prof on Youtube


WP tuts WP Eagle

Paul has a fantastic WordPress YouTube channel called WPTuts. He shares high-quality tutorials on how make websites with WordPress along side interviews and other WP tips and ideas.

Check out WP Tuts on YouTube

Darrel Wilson

Darrel Wilson WP Eagle

Darrel Wilson is one of the best WordPress Youtuber out there. He has a following of over 400,000 subscribers.

I’ve featured on a couple of Darrels videos including one on how to create an Amazon affiliate website.