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The Best WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing 2024 🤑

Here’s my thoughts on the best themes to make an affiliate website with in 2024 using WordPress. Let’s make some money! 💰

By: Alex Cooper



What Makes a Theme Perfect for an Affiliate Website?

When you’re selecting a theme for your affiliate website, you need to keep a few things in mind. Different themes are designed for different things like business or e-commerce, and these are not always suitable for affiliate marketers.

Even general-purpose themes don’t tend to offer many starter sites or templates for content-focused affiliate websites.

Personally, when I’m building an affiliate site with WordPress I want a theme that:

When choosing a theme you’ve got two options;

You can go for a general-purpose theme that has some starter sites that will work well for an affiliate site. Hopefully, they’ll also have some patterns and blocks that can be used to complement your affiliate content.


You go for a theme that’s been specifically designed for affiliate marketing sites with features and layouts built-in to help you make more commissions. 🤑

I’ve got some themes from both options in this article. Let’s start with affiliate marketing focussed themes.

Best WordPress Themes Designed for Affiliates

There isn’t a huge choice when it comes to specific affiliate themes. Here’s three of the best that I’ve found. If you know of others, please let me know in the comments! ✏️

Coupon, Cashback and Deals Websites

If you’re looking for a theme to show off deals, cashback offers and coupons, ClipMyDeals is a good choice. However you’ll also find quite a few over on ThemeForest.

I’ve not tested them as, personally, they are not really the kind of website I’m into building.

That’s not to say they can’t be lucrative, they just seem like too much work for me. 😉

Popcorn Theme 🍿

Popcorn theme is a project that I’m involved with, and it is the theme powering this very website (which you might have noticed has the odd affiliate link 😉).

We made Popcorn for Affiliates. It’s been designed from the ground up to give you everything you need to publish affiliate content in an attractive, engaging way that drives engagement and conversion.

It comes with a template and layout that you can use straight away.

Why Popcorn Theme is Great for Affiliate Websites:

  • Designed for Affiliate and Niche Websites
  • Loaded with Patterns and blocks to show off products and offers
  • Content focussed
  • Fully customizable using the WordPress block editor
  • Super-fast performance (passes web core vitals)

use code ‘popcornisthebest’ for a discount 🤑


This theme is purely for making money. It does so much affiliate stuff it’s quite overwhelming. It’s packed full of features for reviews, comparisons, round-ups and coupon offers.

It’s not a theme for the faint-hearted. You need to have a bit of technical ability to get the most of this theme.

If you use this theme with Content Egg you can pull in real-time prices and create a really cool price comparison website.

Why Re:Hub is Great for Affiliate Websites:

  • Perfect for sites with lots of products
  • Easily create comparison content
  • Update prices in real-time with Content Egg
  • Over 30 product layout post templates


This ones for deal sites. The clue is in the name.

if you’re doing cashback, deals, coupons on daily offers this is a great theme for it.

This theme is fully loaded with some incredible features, including the ability to create an iPhone or Android app from your site!

Why is ClipMyDeals Great for Affiliate Websites Deal, Coupon and Cashback Websites:

  • Everything you need to create a deal website
  • Loaded with templates and blocks specifically for deal type websites
  • Includes a cashback plugin
  • You can make a mobile app from your website

Best General Themes Suitable for Affiliates

These themes can be used for any type of site. However i’ve picked out some of the best themes with features and starter templates that can be used to make a great affiliate site.


Generate Press is a super-fast theme. It’s also very flexible.

It’s got’s got quite a few content-focussed starter templates that would make good Affiliate Websites.

One of them is desgned specficially for you affiliate sites.

Why GeneratePress is Good for an Affiliate Website:

  • It’s super-fast
  • A good selection of starter-sites that would work well for an affliate website
  • Good value for money

GeneratePress starter sites suitable for Affiliates:


Astra is a very popular general purpose WordPress theme. It’s flexibility means you can craft a good-looking, content centric affiliate websites without too much stress.

Why Astra is Good for an Affiliate Website:

  • Very flexible
  • Range of starter-sites that would work well as an affiliate website
  • Built-in related posts feature

Astra starter sites suitable for Affiliates:


Divi is packed full of stuff. It might be too much for some affiliates. If you’re looking for a light-weight theme for you affiliate website, Divi might not be for you.

However if you want tons of customization options and a good page builder Divi’s got you covered.

It includes a number of starter-sites and templates that can be used to create an affiliate website.

Why Divi is Good for an Affiliate Website:

  • Very customisable
  • Some good starter-layouts that would be good for an affiliate site
  • Works with major plugins
  • Built in tables, opt-ins and calls-to-action

Divi starter sites suitable for Affiliates:

Genesis Pro

Genesis Pro comes with child themes rather than templates. And amongst it’s huge collection of child themes it’s got some really nice, chrisp and clear, content-focussed ones that are perfect for affiliate content.

It’s also got a ton of beautiful blocks so you can layout and publish content that turns heads.

The main problem with Genesis Pro is it’s price tag…

Why Genesis Pro is Good for an Affiliate Website:

  • 4-5 Child Themes that would make good affiliate website templates
  • Easy to use and create stuff quickly
  • Loads of beautiful blocks! 🤩

Genesis Pro starter sites suitable for Affiliates:


Avada is another theme that has some great content-focussed blog style layouts which is why it makes the list. It’s got everything else you’d expect to which is one of the reasons it’s the most popular theme on Themeforest.

Why Avada is Good for an Affiliate Website:

  • Some great looking affiliate suitable starter-sites
  • Packed full of features
  • Great value for money

Avada starter sites suitable for Affiliates:


I love the ‘simple blog’ template that comes with OceanWP which I think would be perfect for affiliate site in most niches.

However, you don’t have to just choose that one. OceanWP has a healthy selection of ‘blog style’ templates that would all make a solid foundation for an affiliate marketing website.

OceanWP is a solid theme with lots of options, features and blocks.

Why OceanWP is Good for an Affiliate Website:

  • Good selection of well-designed starter sites
  • Includes stock images and icons that you can use in your content
  • Lots of typography options

OceanWP starter sites suitable for Affiliates:


I’ve used Thrive to make an affiliate site in the past. It turned out really well and I did manage to make some money with it.

Thrive as a number of blocks, like pros and cons and call-outs that make it a solid choice for affiliate marketers.

If you go for the full suite you can use Thrive Leads to build up your email list.

Why Thrive is Good fo an Affiliate Website:

  • Easy to use page-builder
  • Built in blocks that work with affiliate sites
  • Integrates well with plugins like AAWP
  • Proven (by me) to make a good site that gets traffic and makes money

And that’s it.

You can use any theme you like for an affiliate website especially if you combine it with a plugin like Lasso, Affilitable or AAWP.

However, some themes have everything you need right out of the box which can make it a lot quicker and easier to get your affiliate content online.

What do you think? 🤔

What’s your favouriite theme to use when you’re creating an affiliate website?

I’d love to hear from you. Leave me a comment with your thoughts below!

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