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How to add a Popup to WordPress

In this tutorial I take you through adding a popup to your WordPress website. A popup is a great way to encourage your visitors to take action like joining your email list.

By: Alex Cooper



To add the popup we’re going to use the Spectra Page builder plugin.

It’s a great addition to any WordPress website and includes an easy to use popup builder.

Here’s what to do. You’ll find more details in the video.

Add a Popup to WordPress

1. Install the Spectra Plugin

You can easily add the plugin from within the plugin section in the WordPress dashboard.

install spectra 2
  1. Click Add New
  2. Search for ‘Spectra’
  3. Click Install
  4. Click Activate

2. Create your Popup

You’ll find the popup builder in the Spectra options down the left side.

create wordpress popup
  1. Click on Popup Builder
  2. Click Create Popup

3. Choose the Popup type

You have the option to create a simple bar across the top of your site, although you’ll probably want to go for the more traditional overlay style popup.

Choose popup type

4. Create your Popup

create your popup

You’re now ready to create your popup. The popup builder uses the block editor so it’s very easy to do.

You can drag and drop any blocks you like into the popup.

Lovely Popup

To see exactly how I create my beautiful popup, be sure to watch the video.

If you want extra options like the ability to set when and where the popup displays, I suggest you upgrade to Spectra Pro.

You’ll probably want to add a form like I have.

You can use any form plugin to do this, like Gravity Forms or WPForms as both of these can connect to a wide range of popular email marketing platforms, like Mailchimp.

In the video, I use WPForms.

Add a Form to your Popup

1. Install the WPForms plugin

Install the WPForms plugin in the usual way from the plugins sections.

Install WP Forms
  1. Click on Add New Plugin
  2. Search for ‘WPForms
  3. Click Install
  4. Click Activate

2. Create your form

Once activate you should be greated with a welcome screen. Click the big orange button to create your first form.

Create Form

if you don’t see this page you can find the option in the WPForms section in the left side menu.

3. Choose a template

WPForms has loads of templates. The newsletter signup one is perfect for a popup.

Give it a click.

Newsletter Template

4. Customize and Configure your Form

You can now customize your form.

I like to do the following to give it a sweet look…

Customize the form
  1. Make the field size large
  2. Turn off the all the labels
  3. Add some placeholder text

I do this on all the fields.

Click Save when you’re done.

5. Connect your form to your email platform

In the marketing sectiojn within WPForms you can connect your form to your email marketing platform.

Connect your form to email

If you’re not using constant contact you’ll need to upgrade to WPForms Pro.

6. Add your form to your Popup

Go backinto the Popup builder and edit your popup.

Insert a WPForm block to add the form.

Add your form to popup

For more flexibility, add the block inside a container block.

And that’s it. Make your final adjustments, and you should be ready to go.

Remember, there are more details on my exact process in the video above.

How did it go? Let me know ⬇️

I hope you were able to get your popup working quickly and easily.

Let me know in the comments how it went! I read all the comments I get.

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