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Essential WordPress Blocks You Gotta Have

WordPress out of the box comes with quite a few good blocks. However by adding the Spectra plugin you can add a load of extras. I’ve been using Spectra for a while now and there are some blocks I just can’t live without.

By: Alex Cooper



My Essential WordPress Blocks

First off, you’ll need the free version of the Spectra plugin to get these blocks.

Specta is one my favorite free plugins and does more than just add blocks. You get things like a popup builder too!


The container block is a fabulously flexible block that enables you to create some really cool layouts. Your only limitation is your imagination!

Icon List

Get rid of boring bullet points with the icon list block.

With loads of icons to choose from you can create styled lists based on the subject of your content.

Like this:

This is
an example
of an icon list about plugins!

Call to action

You probably want your website visitor to take some action.

A call to action is a great way to encourage it and this block makes it easy to add one.

Here’s and example:

Call To Action

Here’s an example of a beautiful call to action.
You should download Spectra now!

Star Rating

This one is great if you’re doing reviews on your site.

You can drop in a flexible star rating box wherever you need it.

Like this:

I rate this post:


Every website needs an FAQ page.

Maybe you also to add FAQs to your individual bits of content.

There is no problem with this FAQ block. And it even includes SEO schema, helping search engines recognize the question-and-answer format.

What’s you favorite block? Let me know ⬇️

Is there one WordPress block you can’t live without? What did you think of my selections?

Let me know in the comments! I read all the comments I get.

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