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Best WordPress Themes for Landing Pages

WordPress is a great platform to build landing pages with. Here are 21 of the Best WordPress Themes for Landing Pages. 🛬

To get sales, you need Landing Pages!

A landing page is a website or page that’s optimized to convert visitors into leads.

A Landing page is essential if you’re running marketing campaigns, such as paid adverts.

Short on Time?

Go for the theme that’s does Landing Pages sooo well – OptimizePress


OptimizePress 1

OptimizePress is my top pick for Landing Pages.

  • Specifically created for Landing Pages
  • 400+ Amazing Templates 😍
  • 50+ Integrations with other software
  • Conversion and Sales Focused

If you’ve got a bit more time and want to explore various options, I’ve got you covered.

Let’s go!

Best WordPress Themes for Landing Pages 🛬

These themes can be used for different types of landing pages so I’ve grouped them based on their strengths.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use them for other landing pages – they’re all pretty flexible.

We may earn a commission if you click on the links within this article. Learn more.

For Lead Generation

My picks of the best lead-generation WordPress Themes.



A specialist theme that does one thing very well – converts traffic into leads!

Very Flexible

Elegant Theme Logo


Loads of landing page template plus you can do other things with it too!

Runner up

Thrive Themes 1


Comes with a selection of landing page templates. Part of a complete suite.

👇 Scroll down to find out more about all the themes including the pros and cons.

For Products

My picks for the best themes to create landing pages for products.

⭐️ Top pick ⭐️

Shopkeeper logo


Seamless integration with Woocommerce makes this great for selling products.

uncode logo


Flexible with a stunning product page showcase template.

Runner up



Highly-flexible with a good selection of templates for products.

For Apps and SAAS

These themes are the best to create landing pages for launching an app.

⭐️ Top pick ⭐️

Status Logo


Perfect for creating landing pages for Apps or SAAS products quickly.

appilo logo 1


Appilo is super-fast and easy to setup. It’s one focus: Sell Apps and SAAS!

Runner up



Not just for apps, but it does them well and with 1-click demo installer it’s easy.

Event Landing Page WordPress Themes

Sell out your next event with these high-quality event landing pages.

⭐️ Top pick ⭐️

Eventica Logo


Tight integration with WooCommerce and ticketing platforms.

Eventtalk Logo


Essential features for crafting dynamic event landing pages. 

Runner up

Meetup Theme


110+ design elements makes building event landing pages easy.

Lead Generation WordPress Themes – The Details


Designed specifically for marketing and getting new leads, OptimizePress has over 400 templates you can customize. It also has great features for building email lists. 

OptimizePress Landing Page 1 1
One of the high-quality Optimize Press Templates
OptimizePress Landing Page 2 1
OptimizePress Templates are designed to convert

Why OptimizePress is the Best Choice for Landing Pages

  • 400+ Conversion-Optimized Templates (They are sooo sweet 😍)
  • Connect to 50+ Marketing Tools
  • Own Site Payments with OptimizeCheckouts 
  • Visual Funnel Builder
  • Super Fast Page Loading
  • Very Flexible – Use it to drive conversions for anything!

But You Must Consider

  • A bit of a learning curve
  • Quite pricey

Optimize Press is my number one choice, specifically designed for landing pages.

And it does them so well.

With other 400 templates and integration with all of the most popular marketing tools (it should work with your email software etc) it’s a powerful theme.

Actually, it’s way more than a theme. It has a funnel builder, payment processor, checkout and much more. This is a full-on marketing suite!


A solid, multi-purpose theme with some good landing page templates.

Pros with Divi

Cons with Divi

  • Builder has a learning curve
  • Could impact page speed
  • Not easy to move away from
  • Pointless wireframe designer

Divi stands out as it comes with loads of landing page templates.

And, with your license, you can use it to make other types of websites, too, making it a good value.

The slight problem with Divi is using Divi Builder. I don’t find it that intuitive, but with a little patience, you can make it do what you need.

You should also consider that Page Builders can have their issues

Elegant Themes, the people that make Divi, also offer some extra plugins that can help with conversion like Bloom.


With 100+ landing page templates, conversion-focused elements, and seamless integration with email service providers, Thrive is a great choice for Landing Pages.

Thrive Theme Landing Page 1
Thrive Themes Landing Page Template for Yoga
Thrive Themes Webinar Landing Page
Thrive Themes Landing Page Template for Webinars

Pros with Thrive

  • Offers 200+ landing page templates organized into sets
  • Drag-and-drop conversion-focused elements. 
  • Lightweight plugin despite having extensive built-in features. 
  • Attractive pricing with lifetime updates and 12 months of support. 
  • Provides a wide range of integrations with email service providers. 

Cons with Thrive

  • Sometimes the builder can be frustrating
  • A lot of templates for coming soon sites (not really landing pages..)

I’ve used Thrive Themes many times to create websites, and I always enjoy using it.

Full of starter templates and conversion-focused elements that you can easily drop into place, it’s a breeze to make landing pages with Thrive.

Product Landing Page Themes for WordPress – The details


A high-quality Woocommerce theme that includes some well designed product landing pages.

Pros with Shopkeeper

  • Clean and modern design
  • Seamless WooCommerce integration
  • A couple of nice landing page templates
  • Extensive theme options panel for customization
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly design
  • Regular updates and active development

Cons with Shopkeeper

  • Limited pre-built landing page templates
  • Certain advanced features might require coding expertise. 

Boasting a clean and modern design, Shopkeeper seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce.

It only comes with two page layouts for landing pages but its versatility shines through with multiple product presentation options and an extensive theme options panel for easy customization. 

This theme is still being developed and enjoys regular updates.

If you’re looking to run a regular shop along side your landing pages, Shopkeeper is a great choice.


Uncode is a very flexible Theme that does products and landing pages very well.

Pros with Uncode

  • Easy drag-and-drop customization
  • Variety of demo templates
  • Custom eCommerce features
  • Ready-made design modules
  • Retina Ready & Fully Responsive. 

Cons with Uncode

  • Limited pre-built landing page templates
  • Certain advanced features might require coding expertise. 

Uncode does waaay more than just landing pages.

However, it does do landing pages and shops really well.

With loads of templates including 20 for shops and products.

The other nice thing about uncode is you can design using the easy to use frontpage editor or the traditional WordPress backend editor.


TheGem is a great value theme packed full of features, including a popup builder that’s perfect for landing pages.

You get a lot for your cash with this theme!

Pros with TheGem

  • 100+ Pre-Built Demos for quick project starts
  • You get a lot of the money
  • Compatible with Elementor & WPBakery for design flexibility
  • One-Click Demo Installation for easy setup
  • Mix and Match Demos and features for customization

Cons with TheGem

  • Quite a steep learning curve 
  • It might be too much for more straightforward projects

TheGem comes with a tasty selection of landing page templates.

It’s got its own popup builder, Woocommerce integration, and loads of cool animated interactions.

TheGem is very reasonably priced for what you get – exceptional value.

App and SAAS Landing Page Themes for WordPress – The Details


Stratus is a looker. All the templates included are polished and sleek, including the five one-page landing page designs.

Pros with Stratus

  • Quick setup with a one-click demo import
  • Offers 44+ stunning demos with 5 one-page designs
  • Provides 300+ customizable blocks for flexible design. 

Cons with Stratus

  • Design options may be overwhelming for some users
  • You’ll need some high-quality images to make the designs pop


Appilo, as the name suggests, this theme is great for launching and selling software, like apps.

This theme is unique as most of the 110+ templates come with a one-page and multipage layouts.

Pros with Appilo

  • 110+ Templates with both one-page and multipage versions
  • Uses the easy-to-use Elementor builder
  • Good performance
  • Works well with WPML and Woocommerce

Cons with Appilo

  • Limited functionality compared to dedicated builders (but Elementor is pretty good)
  • Limited integrations

Appilo is really cool for one main reason – the templates!

What I love is that each template comes with both a one-page (perfect for landing pages) and a multi-page version too, if you need to build your site out.

It doesn’t have it’s own builder, but works well with Elementor.

It’s available on Themeforest which means it’s a great price for what you get.


With 200+ template blocks, customizable settings, and premium plugins like WPBakery and Revolution Slider, LeadEngine offers a robust toolkit for a dynamic and engaging app landing page. 

Pros with LeadEngine

  • Clean and modern design
  • Seamless WooCommerce integration
  • A couple of nice landing page templates
  • Extensive theme options panel for customization
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly design
  • Regular updates and active development

Cons with LeadEngine

  • Limited pre-built landing page templates
  • Certain advanced features might require coding expertise. 

Event Landing Pages Themes for WordPress


Eventica is a popular choice for promting and selling events. Although it only has a small selection of templates, they all look great. Eventica makes it easy to sell with tight Woocommerce integration.

Pros with Eventica

  • Visually appealing landing pages for a low price
  • Seamless integration with WooCommerce and popular ticketing platforms. 
  • Customizable layout, colors, fonts, and branding. 
  • Mobile-friendly and SEO optimized. 

Cons with Eventica

  • Limited pre-built landing page templates
  • Setup a little tricky

At just $37 Eventica is a great value way to sell tickets to your next event.

It comes with only a few landing page templates, but they are all decent.

With tight integration with Woocommerce and The Events Calender it makes it easy to take payments, sell tickets and manage bookings.


EventTalk is a flexible event promotion theme that comes with 10 templates, 5 one-pagers and 5 multi-page designs.

Pros with EventTalk

  • Lovely ways to show event timings and schedules 
  • You can customize it a lot with Elementor
  • Outstanding 12 hour live support
  • Offers 10+ unique layouts in multi-page or one-page designs. 

Cons with EventTalk

  • To get good performance you’ll need good hosting

This theme has some beatiful layouts for showing off the agenda of your events. So if you’ve got a great line-up of speakers or workshops this one could be a great choice for you.

Its compatibility with Elementor makes it easy to work with.

One of the best things about this theme is the excellent support service. They reply to tickets quickly and always provide high-quality help.

A solid choice for selling events.


Another great choice for events. This one has over 100 design elements that you can simply drop into place to create pages that portray your event in the best possible way.

Pros with Meetup

  • 110+ design elements
  • Video tutorials
  • No coding experience required
  • Very Flexible – create anything!

Cons with Meetup

  • Design customization may be challenging for beginners
  • Theme complexity can take time to learn 

With over 110 design elements and a simple drag-and-drop interface using Elementor, it makes customizing a breeze, even if you haven’t got much experience.

The video tutorials on the theme are of high-quality and will help everyone who is new to the theme get started quickly.

Common Landing Page Theme Mistakes

Selecting a suitable WordPress theme for your landing page can be tricky. I learned this the hard way, making a few mistakes along the journey. 

Here are common things to avoid: 

Ignoring Responsiveness 📳

Not paying attention to responsiveness is a mistake. The majority of your visitors will be hitting your landing page on a phone.

Make sure the theme you pick works well on different devices.

Build for mobile phones first and then for desktops.

Neglecting Page Speed 🚀

The faster your landing pages are, the more conversions you’re landing pages will generate.

Users don’t have the patience for sluggish, slow sites; they’ll bounce off before they’ve even seen your offer!

Build for speed! 🚀

Forgetting Plugin Compatibility 🔌

Themes and plugins need to be best buds.

When creating a landing page, you’re probably going to need a plugin.

Common landing page plugins include:

  • Contact Forms
  • Email Funnel Software
  • Event Management
  • Ecommerce like Woocommerce
  • Digital Download Providers

Make sure the theme you choose at least works with the plugin you’re going to be using. If they have specific integration, that’s even better!

By sidestepping these common mistakes, you set the stage for a landing page that looks good and functions seamlessly that will convert your visitors into customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Why should I use a specific theme for my landing page? 

A dedicated landing page theme ensures your website is optimized for a specific conversion event, such as lead generation, product sale, or app download.

These themes have been made to increase conversions!

Are these themes beginner-friendly? 

Yes, the recommended WordPress themes for landing pages are chosen for their user-friendly interfaces and intuitive customization options.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, you can easily create and manage a professional-looking landing page. 

How important is mobile responsiveness for a landing page? 

Mobile responsiveness is crucial for a landing page. Most of your visitors will be using a phone!

Responsiveness ensures your landing page looks and functions well on phones and tablets.

All the recommended themes prioritize mobile responsiveness for an optimal user experience. 

Can I switch themes later without affecting my content? 

Changing themes usually always affects your content.

Your content will still be there, but if you used theme-specific blocks or patterns, they will need to be updated.

If you just used the standard WordPress ones you’ll be fine. But you probably won’t as you’ll want all the cool stuff a theme brings you.

You can learn more about the problems with using page builders here.

Are these themes regularly updated? 

Yes, the recommended themes are known for regular updates.

Regular updates ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress versions and security patches.

Always check that the theme is still actively being developed before installing it.

Do these themes offer customer support? 

Yes, the themes come with varying levels of customer support.

Premium themes often offer dedicated support, documentation, and sometimes even live chat assistance.

Can I use these themes for multiple landing pages on my site? 

Yes, these themes can be used for multiple landing pages on your site.

What do you think? 🤔

Have you used a theme to create landing pages that converted amazingly?

Share your thoughts, tips, and even the hurdles you’ve faced.

Let’s create a space to learn from each other’s journeys. 

Don’t be shy – drop your comments below!

I read every comment. 🙂

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