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Creating a Local Business WordPress Website with AI

Creating websites for local businesses could be a good side hustle for those of you looking to raise a bit of cash. With AI you can quickly and easily create custom WordPress websites in just a couple of hours.

By: Alex Cooper



In this video, I explain how I created an AI website for my imaginary building firm, Eagle Builders.

The tool I used was the very useful ZipWP.

Take a look at the site—I’ve not edited it; it’s just what the AI created for me.

I think it’s a pretty decent starting point…

Eagle Builders HP
The AI site I created

Here’s the process to create your own site or sites for local businesses using AI.

How to Create a Local Business Site with AI

1. Sign-up with ZipWP

You’ll need an account with ZipWP to get up and running.

Step 1 sign up with ZipWP

They have a free plan, so you can test it all out without having to spend a penny.

Once you’re ready, you can upgrade to the right plan for your needs.

The sign-up process is really easy and only takes a minute or so.

2. Start the AI creation process

Once you’re signed up and logged in you can start to create a website with AI.

Step 2 start the process
  1. Click on Create New
  2. Select Complete Website

The blank website option is useful if you want to play around and test out some WordPress stuff, like themes or plugins.

3. Enter the basics

On the next page you simply need to enter some basic information about the business you’re creating the website for.

Step 3 the basics
  1. Enter the business name
  2. Select the type of business it is
  3. Select the language you’d like

4. Enter a description of the business

Here you need to enter as much information as possible about the business. Remember to include the key services and some background stuff about the company.

Step 4 Enter a description about the business

You can use AI here to help you fill it out.

5. Enter the contact details

This section is straightforward.

Step 5 Enter the contact details

Just enter all the contact details, including links to social media.

6. Upload your images or select some stock ones

Now it’s time for the images.

Step 6 Images

Ideally, you’ll want to upload your own images.

If you don’t have any right now, you can search for and select some stock photos.

7. Select the structure and layout

Based on the information you just provided, you’ll see loads of different designs for your new website.

step 7 Select the structure

Select the one you like by clicking on it.

8. Add the logo, select your fonts, and set the colors

You now need to upload your logo. You can always quickly design on in Canva.

Decide if you want to show the site title and adjust the width of your logo so it all looks sweet.

step 8 Add logo and configure fonts

You can also select the fonts and colors you’d like to use on this page.

9. Select the final features

You’re almost done! Select if you want any final features added to your new website.

Step 9 Select the final features

Then click start building!

You’ll see a confirmation screen.

Start Building Confirmation

Click start building again, and the AI will go to work on creating your website.

Step 10: It’s Ready

Once the website is ready, you’ll be given all the necessary information to make your customizations.

Your website is ready

Make a note of the username and password now.

To make some changes, click on Customize Website, and you’ll be logged into WordPress.

It’s easy to make changes using the Spectra page builder with the block interface.

And that’s it. You’re all done.

How did it go? Let me know ⬇️

I hope you were able to get a website setup using AI.

Let me know in the comments how it went! I read all the comments I get.

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