How to Make a Product Review Website with WordPress

Quick and easy tutorial on how to create a Product Review website with WordPress and Popcorn Theme.

By: Alex Cooper




Video Timings

00:00 We’re making a product review site!
03:32 Domain and Hosting
11:36 Popcorn Theme
14:14 Installing WordPress and Popcorn
19:10 Adding the demo site
21:04 Introduction to posts
22:19 WordPress Settings

24:40 Add your logo to the site
26:32 Colors and Typography
28:00 Editing the website design
31:50 Changing the navigation
32:44 Editing the article template
33:53 Adding and editing content

About this tutorial

In this tutorial, we’re going to be making a website using the new ‘product review’ layout that comes with Popcorn Theme.

It’s perfect for reviewing or comparing products, but of course it’s flexible enough to that you can use it with any type of content.

Here’s what it looks like 😍…

Things You’ll Need

You’re going to need a few things to get up and running.

They do cost money, but I’ve got some discount coupons for you! 🤑

Domain and Hosting

You’re going to need a domain and hosting to put your blog online.

I’m recommending HostArmada:

⭐️ HostArmada ⭐️

Host Armada

Great value, fast hosting that includes a free domain!

  • Great value hosting
  • Free domain name!
  • Fast Performance
  • Use voucher code ‘WPEAGLE75‘ 🤑

Popcorn Theme

To create the website I’m using Popcorn Theme. It comes with a great template for blogs based on the WP Eagle website.

Discount coupon below!

🍿 Popcorn Theme 🍿

popcorn theme youtube logo

The perfect theme for blogs

  • Super-fast WordPress theme
  • Blog template based on
  • An every growing library of patterns
  • Use voucher code ‘productreview

How did it go? Let me know ⬇️

I hope you were able to get your product review website up and running easily.

Let me know in the comments how it went! I read all the comments I get.

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