How to change the ‘Leave a Reply’ text on WordPress

In this quick and easy tutorial I show you how you can change the ‘leave a reply’ text that’s above the comment form on WordPress.

By: Alex Cooper



Using this method with this plugin, you can change any bit of text you like that’s part of WordPress.

Here’s how to change the ‘Leave a Reply’ text that’s above the comment form.

How to change the ‘Leave a Reply’ WordPress Text

Step 1: Install the ‘Say What‘ Plugin

Login to your website and head to ‘plugins‘. Click add new and search for ‘Say What‘. It should be the first one that comes up. Click ‘install‘ and then ‘activate‘.

Step 2: Add a new text string

Once the plugin is activated, click ‘Tools -> Text Changes’ and then the ‘Add new’ button.

Change text step 2

Step 3: Enter the text you want to change and what you want to change it to

In the first box (Original String) enter the text you want to change. In this case it would be ‘Leave a Reply’. It’s important that it matches exactly. It’s case-sensitive.

Ignore the next two boxes (Text Domain and Text Context), and in the final box, enter the text you want to change it to. Once you’re done click ‘Add‘.

Change text step 3

You’re done! You’re new text should be showing on your website

Check your website to see if you’re changes have been applied.

Change text step 4

Let me know how it went!

Drop me a comment below and let me know if you managed to change your text. What did you change and what did you change it to?

I read all the comments and will try to reply!

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