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How to Add a Site Icon (Favicon) to WordPress

A website isn’t complete without a Site Icon, aka, a Favicon. It’s the small image that appears in the browser tab and in the SERPs. Here’s how to do it.

Adding a site icon is quick and easy.

But first you’ll need a in image.

Head over to Canva or you’re favourite graphics software and create a square image of 512px 512px.

I wouldn’t use text or anything that’s going to be hard to see when it’s tiny.

You’ll probably also want to save it as a .PNG with a transparent background.

Then follow these steps.

Depending on your theme these steps may vary. If you’re using a current theme that uses the WordPress block editor (like Popcorn) you’ll be fine 🙂

How to add your Site Icon to WordPress

Step 1: Login, and then go into the Site Editor

Login to your WordPress website in the usual way and go into the site editor. You can do that by clicking Edit Site whilst viewing your website or from the dashboard it’s in Appearance -> Editor.

Step 2: Select your logo

Click on your logo a couple of times to select it. You can make sure you have it selected by bringing up the list view on the left hand side.

Step 3: Go in to the Site Icon Settings

On the right-hand side, you’ll find a link for the Site Icon Settings. Give it a click!

Step 4: Select your site icon

Click the select site icon and upload the image from our computer. Click select and then publish at the top of the screen.

Upload Site Icon

You’re all done! Your site icon should be showing in the browser tab.

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