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How to Add a Google Map to WordPress

It’s easy to add a Google Map to your WordPress website. Here’s how to do it without even using a plugin.

By: Alex Cooper



Here’s how to add a Google Map to any where you like on your WordPress website..

How to Embed a Google Map to WordPress

Step 1: Go to the map you want on Google Maps

Once you’re there click on the point of interest your want or drop yourself a pin.

Get Google Map

Step 2: Get the embed code

Click on the share button, then click embed. Here you can adjust the size of the map. Once you’re happy click copy HTML.

Get embed code

Step 3: Paste it into your WordPress website

You can paste this code anywhere you want your map to show. Just use the HTML block.

Paste the code

You’re done!

You’re map should no be showing on your website…

Website showing

How did it go? Let me know ⬇️

I hope you were able to get your Google Map embeded quickly and easily.

Let me know in the comments how it went! I read all the comments I get.

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