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Cloak Links, Track Links & Create Link Pages

Pasting affiliate links straight into your content is not a good idea for a number of reasons. With ClickWhale you can easily manage, organize, update and track your links. Let me take you through why it’ll be a good investment for your website…

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Why you shouldn’t use raw affiliate links

There are several reasons why copying and pasting affiliate links into your content isn’t great.

Reasons like:

  • They look messy
  • They’re hard to remember
  • You can’t track the clicks in your website
  • You can’t update them easily

That’s where a link management plugin comes in as it provides a solution to all these problems.

I’ve used plugins like PrettyLinks and Lasso before and they are both really good, however they are quite expensive.

Introducing ClickWhale

I was recently introduced to ClickWhale, and I’ve been really impressed with it as it’s far cheaper than those two while still providing excellent functionality.


ClickWhale Logo

Super good value link management plugin

  • Easy affiliate link management
  • Link Pages
  • Affiliate link statistics
  • Tracking code functionality

Here’s what you get with ClickWhale

Link Management

This is the main feature of the plugin.

Easily manage all your affiliate links in one place.

Link Management ClickWhale

They’re super easy to add and edit and you get:

  • Nice easy to remember URLs that you can set yourself
  • An easy way to update your links if you need to
  • You can organize them in categories
  • You can set if they are no-follow and/or sponsored

Link Pages

A link page is a sweet-looking page that contains affiliate links.

You can choose which links go on here.

Maybe you’ll use it for your most popular or useful ones. It’s a bit like my essentials page.

Link page

They are really easy to set up and share. They also look great on mobile!


ClickWhale tracks the clicks on your affiliate links and presents them to you in a really nice, visual way.

Clickwhale Stats

This is perfect for seeing which links are performing well or for double-checking that your affiliate links are tracking correctly.

Other Features

Clickwhale also has a number of other cool features:

  • Tracking codes (easily embed code into your site)
  • Import and Export functionality
  • Migration from other plugins like PrettyLinks

You should check it out! I think you’ll really like it 😊

What do you think? Let me know ⬇️

Let me know if you’ve tried out ClickWhale or your thinking about it…

I read all the comments I get and will try to reply to them all.

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We may earn a commission if you click on the links within this article. Learn more.

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