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What is the BEST AI Content Writer?

I ask some real website owners and YouTubers which AI Tool they think is best along with some ideas on how to use this new technology.

By: Alex Cooper



My favourite AI tools

Let me start by sharing the tools I’ve used to create AI content.

Chat GPT with AIPRM Chrome Extension

When I’m writing content and just need help with a small section of an article I’ll use Chat GPT to help me. Usually to just provide an overview or a starting point.

I’ll use prompts like:

  • give me 5 truths about niche websites
  • Rewrite this sentence so it’s more concise
  • give me an intro paragraph on ‘Does AI content rank on Google?’

For other tasks like keyword research, rewriting articles or other more random specific tasks I’ll use the AIPRM Chrome extension.

It gives you loads of cool prompts…

AIPRM Chat GPT Prompts

Koala Writer

For full-length articles, I use Koala Writer.

I like Koala because it gives you a lot of control over the content structure before it’s generated.

It also has built-in prompts for:

  • Amazon Product Round-ups
  • Amazon Product Reviews
  • Writing an article from a YouTube Video
  • Rewriting entire articles

I’ve been using it to create content for my sites and and they’ve both been doing well on Google.

SnackEagle Search Console

Koala also has a cool art generator built into it that delivers some really nice outputs:

Koala AI Art is a tool I’ve been experimenting with for as I wanted a tool that could help me create good quality content in bulk.

So far, so good.

It generates pretty good content and puts it into your WordPress website. All you have to do is edit.


So that’s what I’m using, but what is everyone else using?

Jamie IF

Favorite AI Tool: Reword

Jamies stressed that AI should be used to supplement human-created content, not replace it.

His favorite AI tool is Reword because:

  • It has Built-in tools to aid in research and content creation.
  • It’s adaptive and can be trained.
  • It’s in continuous development, with new features being added all the time.
  • It gives you a detailed HUD when working on your content, giving you everything you need in one place.

Kasra Dash

Favorite AI Tool:

Kasra originally had his doubts about AI content but having worked with and helped developer Autoblogging, he’s done a 180 and now believes that AI content has its place.

His loves because:

  • It delivers concise answers for better snippet ranking.
  • Great value plagiarism check built-in compared to other tools.
  • Includes features like FAQ generator and article scorer.

Jaume Ros

Favorite AI Tool:

Jaume has been using AI to help him create articles from his existing video content.

His tool of choice to do this because:

  • It writes good SEO content based on video transcripts (even auto-generated ones).
  • It’s an easy to use Chrome extension.
  • It’s free!

Doug Cunnington

Favorite AI Tool: Chat GPT

Doug is unsure of how AI tools fit into the content creation process. He shared his concerns about the potential oversaturation of low-effort AI content, and how search engines will evaluate the value of such content.

However, with that said, he does use Chat GPT, but not to create complete articles. He stressed that Chat GPT is good for:

  • Creating outlines of articles
  • It can be useful when writing articles as it can assist with filling out ideas.

Carl Broadbent

Favorite AI Tool: ???

Carl isn’t really using AI at the moment. He believes the best way forward is to use humans to create content for your website.

He has used tools like Chat GPT and Koalla but doesn’t publish AI content directly to his websites.

Theo Ramwell

Favorite AI Tool: ZimmWriter & Koala

Theo is a big fan of Zimmwriter, although he does use Koala sometimes as well.

He loves ZimmWriter because:

  • Zimwriter is good for efficient mass content creation.
  • It has a good balance between cost-efficiency and content quality.
  • The quality of ZimmWriter means the content doesn’t require much editing.

Anthony Fontaine

Favorite AI Tool: Chat GPT

Anthony from Tortoise Cashflow just uses Chat GPT. He loves the control you get by working with prompts.

He chooses Chat GPT because:

  • Chat GPT allows for easy modifications to article tone and content.
  • His CHAT GPT Articles rank well and are generating income.
  • Of it’s simplicity and flexibility in article creation.

Whats your favorite AI tool?

I’d love to hear from you!

Let me know what you’re using in the comments.


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