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The REAL EFFECT of Google Updates

Google Updates have a big effect on the people behind the websites. It’s much more than different SERPs…

By: Alex Cooper



When Google updates its algorithm, it has an effect on much more than the search result pages.

It has a big effect on people’s lives.

People who have invested hours and hours into their websites to create the best content they possibly can based on expertise and experience.

When you’ve poured blood, sweat and tears into a project over a long period of time to build an income and it get’s taken away from you overnight the effects can be devastating.

Both financially and mentally.

I was reading through some of the comments from my previous Google Core Update videos (watch them here and here) and it hit home how miserable some people are feeling right now.

Remember, these comments are from people who weren’t pumping out spammy AI content. They were creating good content, the kind of content that the Google guidelines recommends that you publish.

Here’s some of the comments:

Comment 1
Comment 2
Comment 3
Comment 4
Comment 5
comment 6
Comment 7
Comment 9

Life can be tough. Life is tough.

All I can say is try and stay positive. Keep going. Find new traffic sources and keep the belief that you have something good to share with the world.

Let me know how you’re feeling right now ⬇️

Has your website been hit even though you were publishing good-quality content?

Let me know in the comments. I read all the comments I get and will try to reply to you.

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