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The Plan for my new Online Business

Here’s the plan for my new online business. Before when I was creating niche websites I just created content. Now I have five things different elements i’m building out…

By: Alex Cooper



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As you might already know i’m working on a brand new online business all about where I live in Spain.

The project is called Estepona.Life and I’m hoping to build a valuable resource for people that live and visit my town.

It’s going to be far more that just a website – it’s going to be a complete business.

The Plan – 5 Things

The project is made of 5 key parts.

  • Real, Authentic Content
  • User-generated Content
  • Ecommerce
  • Social Media
  • Directory

1. Real, authentic content based on experience

  • No more thin, sloppy content.
  • No more AI content.
  • I’m just creating real content based on real experiences.
Real article scaled
A real article with video that came from my head

I’m using words that come out of my head, photos that I’ve taken with my phone, and videos that I recorded and produced.

I’m hoping Google loves and that AI feeds off it.

2. User-generated content

Google loves user-generated content.

I think people do too.

So I’m going to encourage people to leave their thoughts and comments.

I think a big ol’ banner should do it.

big ol banner
My Big ol banner

I customize the banner based on the content. 😌

3. Ecommerce

Ecommerce sites weren’t hit too badly in the recent Google updates

It’s also an extra way to monetize the website.

So I’ve been using Kittl to design some Estepona-inspired t-shirts.

Estepona tees

I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out.

I’ll be running some Facebook ads to promote them and wearing them in the Vlogs, etc.

4. Social Media

I’ve been going in hard with social media.

Posting multiple posts a day on all the main platforms.

I’m hopeful it will bring me traffic, raise awareness and increase my EEAT.

5. Directory

I’m creating pages for every location in Estepona.

It’s taking some time, but hopefully, it will ultimately be a valuable resource.

Location Listing scaled

Each page includes useful information, including a map, opening hours, reviews, and my thoughts.

Visitors can also leave their comments about place which builds up the user-generated content.

The Plan – Monetization

I’ve got a few ideas on how I will make some money from the website.

I’ll list these in the order of importance.

Local Deals

I think a major part of the business is going to be local deals. I’ve got a few ideas on how I’m going to do this, but it will probably mostly be selling things like:

  • Advertising space on the website
  • Sponsored social media content
  • Sponsored posts on the website


Of course, there is going to some affiliate.

I’ll be listing hotels, flights, car hire and other services that can all be monetized through affiliate.

For example, have a widget you can embed…

booking widget

I’ll also be linking to flights and car hire.

I may do a little Amazon where relevant. Maybe.


I’m hoping the e-commerce will be more than just a bit of fun and a way to add credibility to the site, in Googles opinion

Estepona Tshirt Ecommerce

I really like how the t-shirts have turned out and have had some positive feedback from locals.

Once the site is live, I’m going to try out some Facebook Ads to drive a few sales.

I’m using Woocomerce connected up to Printify.

I’l do a video on how I set it all up soon.

Ad Networks

I may put some ads on eventually from a network like Ezoic or Mediavine.

We’ll see how it goes.

What do you think? ⬇️

What do you think of the plan? Do you have any comments or ideas?

I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a comment below.

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We may earn a commission if you click on the links within this article. Learn more.

3 responses to “The Plan for my new Online Business”

  1. Phil Avatar

    Amazing work pal. Next level stuff! Can’t wait to see how it goes. ❀️

  2. Simon Portillo Avatar
    Simon Portillo

    Thanks for sharing this Alex.
    I am excited to see your new venture prosper!
    I’ll stay tuned.

  3. ElChory Avatar

    Sounds great I had a similar Because I live in touristic city in Italy. I would like to make this stuff

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