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The Google Core Update Continues…

The Google Core Update continues to remove small sites, both good and bad, from the SERPs.

By: Alex Cooper



The Google Core update continues to roll out.

And it’s now having an effect on my project sites, and

Here’s the latest:

Canyouwashit 12 latest
Snack Eagle 12 latest

Maybe they deserved it because Google has improved the search results page with much better websites and articles.

However, that’s not actually what’s happened.

If you take a look at my last article on this when I went through the SERPs for one of my keywords, you’ll see that they’ve been replaced with some terrible results.

Things like parasite SEO and crappy Pinterest images.

So, although Google has changed the results in a big way, they haven’t actually improved.

And maybe this is a good thing.

Hopefully, Google users will feel the same way and get frustrated with the poor quality of what’s being served to them.

Maybe this will lead to a fundamental change in the way that we navigate the Internet, reducing the dominance Google has had over us all for so long.


We can hope… 🤞

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