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I’m scared of using AI on my websites

I’ve used AI a lot to write content in the past. However I think now is the time to stop, even if you’re going to edit it.

By: Alex Cooper



Building a Website whilst Google rolls out horrible algorithm updates

I’m a big advocate for using smart tools to streamline content creation. So, naturally, I dove headfirst into using AI to help me with the website’s structure and content ideas for my new website around Estepona.

However, I then started to worry about concerns regarding the recent Google core update, which seemed to punish websites with AI-generated content; well, it actually punished websites with high-quality human content.

Stories of legit travel bloggers and even Matt Giovanisci Swim University website getting dinged by Google, despite their fantastic content, filled me with a touch of paranoia.

Here’s the thing: I don’t doubt AI’s potential to be a content creation assistant. But for in-depth website content that truly connects with readers? Maybe not. My Estepona website could turn into a Google graveyard if I relied solely on AI-generated content!

All the content is going to be written by me, by hand along with lots of video content.

So, I’m taking a different route. Instead of chasing search engine algorithms, I’m focusing on building an audience through social media using Buffer to post to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter. Building a community around Estepona feels like a more sustainable and, frankly, way more fun strategy.

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