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How to Hire Writers

I recently built a team of 5 writers to help me produce content for my sites. In this video and article I share my process on how to hire a writer.

By: Alex Cooper



How to HIRE WRITERS to produce content for your Niche Website (how I built a team of writers)

As a website owner, I understand the importance of writing high-quality content.

When I started, I was responsible for crafting articles myself, gaining a solid understanding of what makes a good article and how to create content that resonates with my audience.

However, I quickly realized that time constraints made it impossible to generate enough content to scale my website. This led me to explore the possibility of working with a team of writers.

Now, you might be aware of my fondness for AI tools in content creation, but sometimes AI simply isn’t enough. It’s essential to build a team of human writers who can bring creativity and a personal touch to the content.

In my own journey of building a strong team of writers, I learned valuable lessons and developed efficient strategies to streamline the entire process.

Today, I want to share my tips and experiences with you to help you on your quest for the perfect writing team.

Key Takeaways

  • Building a team of writers is crucial for scaling your website content production.
  • Establishing a strong relationship with writers improves consistency and quality of content.
  • Precise instructions and a clear understanding of expectations are essential for successful collaboration.

Creating Your Own Website Content

As a website owner, it’s important to develop your own content when starting out.

You need to understand what makes an effective article, how to structure it, and how to present it effectively on your website.

However, considering the limited number of hours in a day, you might want to scale up your website and increase the amount of content you publish.

In fact you will want to scale up your website once you get going.

And to do that you will need some help, which can come in the form of AI tools or a team of writers.

In my experience, AI content can perform well, but it might not always be the best option for everyone.

Finding good writers can be challenging, but I recently built a team of writers who have helped me scale up my websites significantly.

Their work has been consistent, and they have shown dedication in producing content for my case study websites.

There are two key steps involved in building a writing team:

  1. Look for writers on websites like, which is a job board where you can post your requirements and interested people can apply.
  2. Filter candidates by ensuring they provide examples of their work, have a portfolio or complete their job application effectively. Being thorough can help you shortlist the applicants and focus on the most promising ones.

It’s essential to be clear about the work you expect from them.

For instance, be specific when asking them to write a sample article – provide a straightforward topic and offer the same subject to all applicants so you can easily compare their work.

After receiving the responses, cautiously evaluate the quality, relevance, and overall presentation of the articles to make the final decision.

Remember that forming a good relationship with your writers is crucial; it allows them to become acquainted with your websites and understand the kind of content you expect.

Finally, be mindful of the payment terms – paying a fixed fee per article might encourage writers to avoid adding fluff to their work and maintain high quality.

Finding good writers and building a team takes time and effort, but the results can significantly help you grow your website and deliver better content for your audience.

Finding a Team of Writers

The first step is to find people looking to write.

I started by posting a job on a reputable website known for connecting writers and clients,

My job posting was quite simple; I asked for native English speakers and laid out some basic guidelines.

Initially, I offered payment per word, but I soon changed it to a fixed fee of $60 per article to avoid fluff and maintain quality.

Soon after posting the job, I received a massive response, which was overwhelming.

Thankfully, I had the assistance of my virtual assistant, Sue, who proved to be a valuable asset in organizing and managing this process.

We were quite ruthless in our selection process, cutting out applicants who didn’t provide any samples, complete portfolios, or present a well-structured application.

Eventually, we narrowed down our list of potential writers to 25 candidates.

We asked them to write sample articles on three subjects to gauge their skills and writing style.

However, I faced some challenges.

The comparison between articles proved tricky as some subjects were apples and oranges.

Furthermore, I quickly realized that some subjects were too vague, leading to potential misinterpretations.

I discovered the importance of providing clear and specific instructions for writing sample articles, as well as assigning the same topic to all applicants for easier comparison.

By learning from this experience, I established a team of five writers who can help scale up my website’s content production.

Assembling a team of writers has not only increased the volume of content on my site but has also ensured that it remains diverse, engaging, and informative.

Lessons Learnt on Hiring Writers

Here are some essential things I learned while hiring writers:

  1. Utilize job boards: Websites like can be valuable resources in finding experienced and skilled writers. Post a job listing clearly outlining your requirements and expectations.
  2. Be specific in your listing: Make sure you ask for native English speakers and provide a preferred writing style, among other essential details. This will help narrow down potential candidates and ensure you attract the right talent.
  3. Enlist the help of a VA: A virtual assistant (VA) can be instrumental in managing the hiring process, particularly in handling correspondence and organizing information. They can help you filter through applications, saving you time and effort.
  4. Request samples and portfolios: Candidates should provide examples of their previous work. Dismiss applicants who do not submit a portfolio or a relevant sample to ensure you’re only considering serious contenders.
  5. Be careful with test assignments: You may ask applicants to write a test article, but try to keep it specific and offer only one subject for all candidates. This will enable you to compare their skills and abilities more accurately.
  6. Consider a fixed fee payment method: Paying per word might lead to unnecessary fluff being added to articles. A fixed fee per article can encourage writers to focus on the quality and relevance of their content.
  7. Navigate carefully around example content: Be cautious about example content requests, as some candidates may request payment even for test articles. Stick to your conditions while ensuring you receive enough sample work to evaluate the potential hire.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, by applying the lessons I learned, you’ll be well on your way to forming a team of reliable and skilled writers who can help you scale up your website efficiently.

Remember, the key to finding the right team is being consistent in your requirements and expectations, as well as having a solid system in place for evaluating potential hires.

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