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Fake Conversions Reported by Facebook Ads?! (my experience)

I’ve been testing out some Meta ads on Facebook and Instagram to try and sell some T-shirts. I got a sale reported yesterday on the platform, but it’s not all that it seems.

By: Alex Cooper



I’ve been running some Facebook ads to sell some Estepona-inspired t-shirts.

Facebook Ads smaller

I’ll be sharing all the info soon.

However, something weird happened yesterday.

A conversion was reported in my account…

Facebook conversion

The thing is, I knew for a fact that this didn’t come from Facebook.

The order was from my mum..

..she was ordering a Tee as a gift for my dad. ❤️

And my mum doesn’t have Facebook or Instagram..

This smelt really fishy to me.

So I reached out to facebook to find out what was going on..

Facebook support conversation

Something didn’t seem right to me…

They’ve said I should remove the domain or something. I’m not sure how that’ll help.

What do you think?

Any experience with this? What do you think? ⬇️

Are Meta scamming me so I spend more on ads? Or is it a configuration problem?

Let me know in the comments. I read all the comments I get.

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