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Does AI content Rank on Google?

It’s unclear how Google actually feels about AI content. Does it rank on Google and bring in traffic? Well, yes, with caveats.

By: Alex Cooper



The Rise of AI in Content Creation

Creating content for websites has changed in a really big way.

With AI tools you can crank our and publish content at rocket speed. 🚀

But does it rank? Can it bring in valuable traffic to your website.

Well, I’ve been publishing using AI for a while now and here’s what I’ve discovered..

Does AI Content Rank on Google?

Yes! Yes it does. I’ve been publishing AI content for a while now and it has been ranking well on Google and generating traffic…

Can you wash it upto July
Traffic Growth in Google Search Console

The AI Tools I’ve been using

I’ve been publishing using three tools:

  1. Jasper: The original. Jasper was the first AI tool I embraced.
  2. Koala Writer: A newer addition known for its quick content creation capabilities.
  3. ChatGPT: The one everyone knows and loves.

Each of these tools works in a slightly different way and the outputs do vary between them.


Jasper is one of the original AI content creation tools I used. It has proven to be effective in generating content that ranks well on search engines. Tracking the keywords from articles created with Jasper, I’ve found that they hold the best positions among the AI tools used on my project.

Koala Writer

Koala Writer is a newer tool that has impressed me with its ability to create articles quickly. Although I have not tracked as many keywords from Koala-generated content, there are promising signs of success, like an article slowly climbing to page one for the term “can you wash a Carhartt jacket?”


ChatGPT is a popular AI content creation tool that consistently performs well. In tracking its keyword performance, I didn’t notice any significant difference between ChatGPT 3.5 and 4. It remains a reliable option for generating content that ranks on search engines.

300+ AI articles Published

I’ve published all of the content created with the AI tools to and I’ve been tracking their rankings with SEMRUSH

Analyzing Performances with SEMrush

I have been using SEMrush to track the keywords and their rankings for my AI-generated content website. This site currently has 363 posts, all created using AI tools like Jasper, Koala Writer, and GPT.

The tracking show that as of June 9th, there are:

  • 14 keywords in positions 1 to 3
  • 34 keywords in positions 4 to 10
  • 26 keywords in positions 11 to 20
  • 37 keywords in positions 21 to 100

I even tagged the keywords with their respective AI tools to compare their performance. While this may not be a truly scientific approach, it does give us a general idea. From my observations:

  • Jasper seems to hold the best positions
  • GPT consistently performs well
  • Koala Writer shows potential but requires more content and time

Regarding the website’s traffic, Google Webmaster Console shows a significant increase in clicks over the past few months. It took about three months for the site’s traffic to rise to around 50 clicks per day, indicating that AI-generated content does attract visitors.

CanYouWash it Analytics

Google Analytics supports this growth in traffic, displaying a similar upward trend with 86 users recorded on a recent day. The site, now monetized with Ezoic, will allow me to observe any effects on rankings and traffic while generating revenue.

From my experience and the results obtained, I can confidently say that AI-generated content can indeed rank on search engines. The success of my website is proof that AI content is feasible when published using a well-structured theme and edited to ensure quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AI-generated content rank well on Google?

Yes, AI-generated content can rank well on Google, especially when it’s of high quality and not spammy.

Which AI tools are effective for SEO?

Tools like Jasper, Koala Writer, and ChatGPT have shown effectiveness in SEO, with each having unique strengths in content creation.

How does AI content fare in attracting organic traffic?

AI-generated content can attract significant organic traffic, as evidenced by data from Google Webmaster Console and Google Analytics.

Does the type of AI tool affect content rankings?

While each AI tool has its nuances, the overall quality of content is a more significant factor in rankings than the specific tool used.

What do you think? 🤔

Are you using AI content? Is it ranking for you? Generating traffic? Making money?

Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

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