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Choose Difficult!

Always try and do the difficult..

By: Alex Cooper



Key Points

  • Tackling difficult keywords, content, and links can result in greater rewards and traffic for your website.
  • Challenging yourself with more complex projects can lead to exponential growth and long-term success.
  • Balance your efforts between difficult and easy tasks to optimize your website’s overall performance.

I want to share with you the importance of embracing difficult tasks in life and when building websites and online businesses.

From my experience at Search Birmingham, I learned that doing difficult tasks can often lead to greater rewards.

For example, when it comes to keyword research, we tend to go for easier, low competition, long-tail keywords.

However, it’s worth targeting the difficult keywords as well since, with great content and effective link building, you might rank for them and receive significant traffic.

So, instead of only concentrating on long-tail keywords, aim for the challenging ones too.

This principle also applies to content creation.

We might prefer producing easy-to-write articles, but putting in the extra effort and time to develop comprehensive content with detailed research, custom images, or even videos and infographics, can have a more significant payoff in the long run.

And when you think about it, investing similar time and effort into producing numerous easy articles might not be as beneficial as creating one well-researched, high-quality piece.

The more difficult content will ultimately provide better results.

Link building is hard any way in general.

So just go for sites that require more work and have higher standards.

Although it can be harder and more time-consuming, the potential rewards outweigh the efforts.

In conclusion, push yourself to take on difficult tasks.

Apply this approach to all aspects of your life, like exercise, health and relationships and you should see huge benefits.

In terms of websites go for the challenging keywords, content, and links, as they are likely to pay off in a bigger way than just focusing on the easy stuff.

Remember, trying new things and putting in hard work can lead to substantial rewards in the long run.

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