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Bulk AI Content is BAD for EVERYONE

I’ve heard a lot of people say they’re going in hard on bulk AI Content sites. While this might work now, is it a good thing?

By: Alex Cooper




I wrote this post with HARPA AI with a bit of editing. What do you think? Can you tell?

I’ve noticed a strong pull towards using AI to churn out content, aiming to quickly populate sites and climb up Google.

But, the strategy of bulk-publishing AI-generated text is starting to show its flaws, especially when considering the long-term health and diversity of the internet.

Gael from Authority Hacker threw a spotlight on this issue with a thought-provoking tweet, questioning the sustainability of deploying unedited AI work to secure a spot as a subject matter authority…

Gael Tweet

This path, although enticing for its immediate payoff, is maybe not the best in the long term.

Search engines like Google are getting smarter at spotting content produced by AI but there is still loads of it being served in the SERPS.

More than just impacting those of us who create content, this trend threatens to water down the internet’s depth and variety, possibly pushing users to look beyond traditional search engines for decent, human-created information.

While AI presents incredible shortcuts, an overreliance on it for crafting content jeopardizes the genuineness and credibility of what’s found online. T

We need to prioritize innovation and authenticity, using AI as an aid, not the cornerstone, of our content creation efforts.

What do you think? 🤔

What are your content plans? Do they involve bulk publishing with AI?

Let me know in the comments. I love to hear from you!

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