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Boosting Social Media can KILL your REACH!? 😵

Boosting with a bit of cash seems like a quick and easy way to grow your following and increase your views. But could it actually be hurting your channel?!

Does using social media adverts actually help grow your channel?

I’ve been testing out the various advertising across the social media platforms for my new project. I’ve tried all of them so far, aprart from X.

Out of all of them i’ve found boosting Instagram Reals to be the most successful. The boosts have attracted the people that I want – people in Estepona! And these people have been following my account and engaging with my content.

Instagram Results
Instagram Boosts have worked well.

However, it’s not been the same experience with the promote tab within YouTube.

In my experience and from what I’ve heard from other YouTubers that have used it is that although you can grow your subscribers, they are of very low quality.

The new subs don’t engage with any of your content, like leaving a comment or watching the videos for very long, and they don’t click like.

This then has a negative effect on your organic reach as lack of engagement from your subscribers means that the algo thinks your videos suck so it doesn’t extend their reach any further.

This is, of course, bad. Really bad…

I’d love to know your thoughts on this. Have you tried the promote tab in YouTube? Did it work for you? Leave me a comment below!

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