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Niche websites have gained immense popularity as a way to leave a traditional 9-5 job, take control of your life and make money on the Internet.

I’ve been sharing my experiences of building niche wesbites, earning money online and ultimately selling the websites for a life-changing amount of money.

My hope is that my content will help you understand how to create a niche website, what makes a niche truly profitable and deciphering the SEO strategies you need to grow your site;

I also like to talk about choosing the right content strategy, creating content and monetizing through affiliate marketing and beyond.

Dive in, and discover more about niche websites and the opportunities they hold!

Latest Niche Website Articles ⬇️

  • How to Hire Writers

    How to Hire Writers

    I recently built a team of 5 writers to help me produce content for my sites. In this video and article I share my process on how to hire a writer. Read more

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